Dr. Craig Kimmel

I really enjoy being a dentist. It’s hard to describe the tremendous amount of satisfaction that occurs with changing someone’s life for the better and by helping them achieve a healthier, happier smile. I take a great deal of pride in exceeding patient expectations by listening to their needs, addressing their fears or concerns, and delivering results through knowledge and skill.

A Brief History

Dr. Kimmel lives in Fishers with his wife Sarah and two children. He has many hobbies including art, photography, reading, cooking, playing guitar, hunting and fishing. People may wonder what compels someone to become a dentist. Dr. Kimmel started out like many other boys his age wanting to be a Jedi Knight, but he also found that he had an eye for art. He began to look at the world as an artist.

Education and Training

Dr. Kimmel began to consider what he would want to do as a career and dentistry became an attractive option after weighing his interests. At the time he pictured himself becoming a cosmetic dentist and utilizing his artistic abilities in order to beautify teeth. Today Dr. Kimmel looks upon dentistry with a different perspective. He feels it is much more than making a patient’s smile whiter and their teeth straighter. It is treatment of disease, it is relieving a patient’s pain, it is increasing a patient’s quality of life, it is making someone smile who could not before. Instead of basing his practice on sound restorative principles while offering great cosmetic options as well. Dr. Kimmel has gone to great lengths to be able to offer the services patients need and to provide them at a high standard of care.