Why We Provide Treatment Room TV’s

Many patients come into the dental office nervous, in pain or just ready for the appointment to be over before it even starts. Here at McCordsville Family Dentistry we want to make each and every dental visit as easy as possible for every patient. When we ask our patients the top three things they like most about our office they say… Friendly Fun Staff, Dr. Kimmel’s bedside manner along with the treatment he provides and how comforting it is to have TV’s in each of our patient rooms. This allows patients to concentrate on something other than the fact that they are having a dental cleaning or dental treatment done. Patients also enjoy having the TV’s in the room if for any reason they have a small wait during their appointment. Another great opportunity we have with having TV’s in each room is that our computers are connected to the TVs. Therefore we are able to show patients their digital x rays or photos of their teeth we may have taken so they can see exactly what we are talking about when explaining their treatment to them.